Monday, December 28, 2009

Problems with TDD

This is the place to comment on my essay "Problems with TDD." In that essay I pointed out that there's still very little evidence that TDD is an effective development technique. I explained why TDD was not a good technique for me, and made the stronger claim that TDD is a weak development technique because it does not include essential unit tests. To show that it wasn't because I don't understand or practice TDD well enough, I pointed out worked-out examples done with TDD by two of the leading TDD experts. They contained implementation weakness which were not identified by TDD nor even mentioned by the implementors.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

100,000 tasklets: Stackless and Go

This is the place to leave comments regarding my essay 100,000 tasklets: Stackless and Go. I repeated a timing test from Go using Stackless and showed that Stackless was faster than Go, yet Go should have the advantage of being a compiled language designed for just this task. I also questioned why the performance of the Go compiler was interesting, given that it seems to be slower than gcc.